We’re talking all about digital marketing. What it is, how it works, as well as diving into some of the most proven and effective digital marketing strategies available today. Alright so let’s talk digital marketing. Specifically in this episode we’re going to be pulling backthe curtain on what is arguably one of the most complicated and yet significantand most powerful aspects of running a business and that is digital marketingby the end of this episode you’re gonna leave with not only a better understanding of what digital marketing is and how it all works but actually howit applies in the real world because theory and academic stuff and all thatkind of book knowledge is is nice to have and it can play a role in helpingyou form a foundation and base knowledge but it’s a completely different storywhen we take all those concepts and theories and we actually apply them inthe real world and that’s what I want to help you with here but before we diveinto the theoretical and academic stuff as well as the practical and actualapplications of digital marketing first we need to decode what exactly we’retalking about here after all when it comes to digital marketing there is nolack of confusion and I blame myself as a marketer for being part of the problemafter all we’re infamous for using complicated jargon and technical wordslike SEO, PPC, CTA, CTR and I could go on with dozens and dozens more to makematters worse people often associate digital marketing with complex onlinesoftware, coding or these really complicated funnels that take teams ofdozens and dozens of people just to keep running no wonder there’s still so muchconfusion around it and so many otherwise very smart and savvy businessowners still avoid it. Now of course digital marketing does have some more complicated and technical aspects involved but that doesn’t mean you need to know what every single one of them is and how to do them all intact even just a broad or general understanding of all the different pieces will allow you to thrive in today’s digital marketplace because at the end of the day digital marketing is actually a pretty simple concept but before we dive to all the specifics first a quick shoutout to this episode sponsor Charity Swipes. Charity swipes have created a way for business owners to help charities but without costing them a penny. Just like square or PayPal charity swipes is a credit card processing company the difference is when your business takes a payment a portion of the processing fee which normally goes to Visa or MasterCard is instead directed towards a charitable organization best part is Charity Swipes guarantees to provide you with with a lower rate than you currently pay to take cards so if you want to start saving money while also helping charitable organizations make sure to check out the link in the descriptions below. Alright so let’s get back to it. What exactly is digital marketing? Well brace yourself for this one but digital marketing is just marketing done digitally yep that’s kind of it meaning the same concepts and principles and theories that apply when marketing your business well these are all going to be applied but done on digital platforms like social media, through email and other online channels. Basically, if you’re using a digital platform to communicate your business’s value to your customers then you my friend are digital marketing.