imagine it’s the year 2004.this is phil phil’s looking to release abook and set up a bloghe’s sure that he’d be successful buthe’s only worried aboutone thing he doesn’t know how to ensurethat his book reaches the right targetaudiencewho could enjoy his book during thatperiod of time howeverthere were only a few forms ofadvertisement available likeprint ads billboards radio direct maildirect sales and the television all ofthese options were pretty expensivetheir effectiveness couldn’t beaccurately determined and they didn’tlet him advertise his contentto the appropriate audience phil’s bookwould neverfind the audience it deserved now let’shave a look at the same scenario in thepresent dayalongside traditional forms ofadvertising phil would have access todigital marketinga form of marketing that’s a lot morelucrative inexpensiveand configurable marketing that wouldenable marketers to advertise theiraudience digitally using channels likesearch engineswebsites social media platforms emailsetc among these types social mediamarketingcop feels eye social media marketingwould give phil the opportunity to takeadvantage of social mediaplatforms to advertise his content to ahighly targeted audienceit would help more people learn abouthis book increase the interaction withhis audienceit’s relatively inexpensive unless hegoes into advertisingand will help him get marketplaceinsights that might help inunderstanding his audience preferencesbetterphil started by taking up acertification to learn about socialmedia marketingsince he was already familiar with theconcept of social media marketinghis next step was to learn about thedifferent types of content he could poston social mediasome of the most common forms of contentthat phil could post would beimages text posts polls and videosbut over time phil began to notice thatnot a lot of people were being exposedto his contentphil needed to advertise his content forthathe would need to use the advertisingoptions provided by the social mediaplatforms like facebookinstagram youtube linkedin and twittermost advertising platforms offer userswith a number of different optionslike image ads these ads involve the useof single or multiple images that areattractive and have the optimal amountof textthey also have a call to action thatencourages user interactionphil could use images from his bookadvertise websites thatsell his book and more then there aretext and post adsthese ads could advertise posts orexcerpts from phil’s blog or his bookfurther garnering interest from aninteresting audiencehe could also use video ads phil coulduse video ads that feature favorablereviews and customer testimonials toadvertise his booksphil could also use lead ads throughwhich he could collect information fromusers who are interested in a weeklynewsletter or regular updates from hisblogbut that wasn’t the only thing philcould do with social media platformshe could create a brand for himself anddrive audience interest to itengage with them create an identityengage with contentfinding content that works for himsocial media platforms also allowed himthe opportunity to target audiencesbased on demographics like their agelocationgender and much more and in time philbegan to see an increase in the numberof viewers coming to his social mediapageand by extension his blog he also saw anincrease in the number of people whobought his bookgreatly increasing his audience here aresome things he learnedone to set goals that were quantitativesmartand follow a constant deadline two tounderstand his audience by engagingand connecting with them three to set upa social media calendar to plancompetitionspolls surveys videos and morefour using tools like buzzsumo iftttbuffer and more for lead generationcreating email listssetting buyer personas and moreto perform visual storytelling with thehelp of images and videosbut how did phil get so good at socialmedia marketingbefore we find the answer to thatquestion let’s have a look at a quizwhat can you do with social mediamarketing acreate a brand for yourself b engagewith an audiencec target users based on demographicsd all of the above choose the rightanswer and have a chance to win anamazon vouchernow back to our question how did philget sogood at social media marketing phil hadtaken up simply learn’s digitalmarketing courseit was thanks to this course that philhad the skills and training to get goodat social media marketingand now you can too by clicking on thetop right cornerand with that we’ve given you anintroduction to all the major conceptsof social media marketingwe hope you enjoyed this video if youdid a thumbs up would be reallyappreciatedhere’s your reminder to subscribe to ourchannel and to click on the bell iconfor more on the latest technologies andtrendsthank you for watching and stay tunedfor more from simplylearnyouEnglish (auto-generated)